“On Premise” Server Solutions to match your exacting requirements

“On Premise” Server Solutions to match your exacting requirements

Friday, 10th November, 2023

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“On Premise” Server Solutions to match your exacting requirements
“On Premise” Server Solutions to match your exacting requirements

Whilst cloud solutions are becoming mainstream, there is a real business requirement for on-premise server solutions to power todays business applications. Companies see performance benefits, lower cost of ownership with no subscription fees, data that is secure and close to them as well as the benefits of faster recovery times should disaster strike.

When you work with Hobb Computer Services Ltd, you are teaming not only with experts boasting over a quarter of a century of experience – you are also teaming with a B2B IT services company that provides a level of service that has ensured our longevity. 

It’s often a cliché when companies say that they go that extra mile for their clients – we won’t do that, as our track record simply speaks for itself. We think that our clients have been with us over the long-term because we put them first and are always looking at ways to develop IT server solutions within their workplace. 

A great example? Hobb Computer Services Ltd are currently offsite commissioning a new server for a long-standing client who are an industry-leading manufacturer based in Staffordshire. Together, we identified ways in which to boost their IT provision. The chosen solution is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 and another HPe ProLiant Rackmount Server to expand their server estate.

Server Solutions

The right partner for the best solution

We work with key sector-leading partners to provide the very best in IT resources and equipment for our clients. Positive, successful relationships with top-tier IT companies is hugely fundamental to our success – and in this case we again used Hewlett Packard, who have an enviable and justified worldwide reputation.  

The chosen HPe ProLiant Rackmount Server is a high-performance workload server that’s packed full of enterprise features including: 

  • 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors 
  • Increased performance, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) support, and lower power requirements 
  • Enterprise grade Solid State Drives (SSD) with hot spare failover 
  • High Speed 10gb SFP+ Fibre Optic Network Connections 
  • Integrated Lights Out Management (iLO6) 
  • 800 Watt Flex Slot Titanium hot-plug power supplies

Adaptable to ever-changing needs, the HPe ProLiant Rackmount Servers are suitable for a variety of uses and are scalable to match your business growth.

To complement this server, we have paired it with new Cisco Core and Cisco Edge switches featuring high speed 10gb SFP+ fibre uplinks (servers and backbone) and 1gb POE+ connectivity for endpoints.

Cisco Switch

The importance of a CORE/EDGE topology cannot be understated. The core switch is the backbone of your network and therefore it’s arguably the most important piece of equipment because it interconnects all your servers and edge switches. The edge switches, on the other hand, connect end user devices such as desktop computers or printers to the business network.

Our key partnerships don’t end there, either. Our client was looking for reliable and fast recovery in any disaster recovery scenario and so we ensured that all data would be secured with even more industry-leading brilliance – this time from Veeam, the leader in cloud data management, with the instillation of their amazing Backup and Replication solutions. 

Because Veeam provide Modern Data Protection and a single platform for cloud, virtual, SaaS, Kubernetes and physical workloads, it eliminates the need to settle for legacy backup solutions – and it should be obvious why we partner with them…..Veeam’s Backup and Replication solutions boosts security, helps to increase reliability, and ensures business continuity in the event of a ransomware attack or insider threat.


How do Veeam do this? By automatically verifying that backups are recoverable and free from malware through automated scanning, immutable storage, and insider threat protection. It’s all based upon three main pillars:  simplicity, reliability, and flexibility.

By regular communication and collaboration with our client, we have helped to solve their current IT pain. So, why should your company or organisation think about the possibility of a new server? We asked one of our Directors, Pete Harbron…. 

“We know that as servers naturally age, they typically become costlier to maintain and support…..but we are proactive, and by partnering with us, we won’t allow it to get to that stage with your company. We will ensure that the chosen solution is an asset to your business and not a hindrance.

It’s all based on the importance of a server to an organisation – so, hugely important! A server helps to organise a company’s IT management by managing user permissions, software, and security. Great servers will help your company to save time, maximise productivity, increase output, avoid downtime, improve efficiency, prevent security breaches, and ease recovery if things go wrong.

Pete Harbron

At Hobb Computer Services Ltd, we are committed to being the top-tier B2B IT support and consultants that your company deserves. We have over a quarter of a century of doing what we do – and doing it really well – which gives us the confidence to know that we are truly valued by our clients. 

Working with a broad range of SMB and Not-for-Profit organisations, we provide a number of key Business IT services; server systems and associated backup and support being just one. 

For an informal chat about your business IT needs, or to arrange for us to come to visit your company, please get in touch with us: 

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business then please get in touch with us today.