How secure is your Microsoft 365 tenancy?

How secure is your Microsoft 365 tenancy?

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022

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How secure is your Microsoft 365 tenancy?
How secure is your Microsoft 365 tenancy?

‘Out of the box’ you may be surprised to hear that a typical Microsoft Business 365 tenancy just isn’t very secure at all. Business 365 appears to be optimised for compatibility and not necessarily security. Indeed, according to the website Security Org, even the Microsoft auto generated passwords (3 letters, one upper case and 5 numbers) can be cracked by a computer within a week or so. Not very impressive when you consider that the current Cyber Essentials guidelines recommend a minimum password length of at least 12 characters, with no maximum length restrictions.

Microsoft have introduced a Secure Score that will rate your Microsoft Tenant based on best practices security settings. The Microsoft Secure Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the overall security posture of an organization’s Microsoft 365 environment. It is calculated by aggregating the scores of individual security controls that are implemented in the environment. The higher the score, the more secure the environment is considered to be. In our experience a typical score for an unmanaged tenant can be as low as the sub 20 mark.

By deploying best practice configuration settings we can quickly improve the Microsoft Secure Score for your tenancy to help protect your organisation and employees from online threats.

Whilst it is true that some secure score points require additional products such as Defender for Office 365, there are some settings built into even the very basic tenancy that will improve your score.

For example, passwords are simply just not enough in todays world therefore to improve your secure score we will implore you to enforce Multi Factor Authentication for all users. Additionally by default Calendars can be externally shared unless best practices are deployed. By mitigating these and many more risks we can improve your secure score.

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