Do they mean us?

Do they mean us?

Friday, 17th November, 2023

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Do they mean us?
Do they mean us?

At Hobb Computer Services Ltd, we have a track record of providing outstanding B2B IT solutions, services, and support since 1996. That’s 27 years – but we’ve never really shouted that from the rooftops, and whilst we aren’t the kind of company or people to do that now, we feel that it’s time that what we tell people what we actually do, how well we do it, and why…..

In this first article, we’ll give you an overview of the company before looking at specific services and support that we offer in greater depth in subsequent pieces.

Directors Pete Harbron, Trystan Blight, Gordon Owen, and Steve Broadhurst worked together in a previous company. When that company relocated, the four colleagues decided not to, and to pool and use their experience and expertise…….hence Hobb! Starting off in tiny premises around two miles from current Hobb HQ, the company has doubled its workforce and yet has retained it’s energy and ethos from the late 1990’s.

So, just what is Hobb Computer Services Ltd? In short, we are a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provides responsive, trusted, and successful Business IT support. Hobb work with a broad range of SMB and Not-for-Profit organisations, providing a number of key Business IT services.

The services we provide:

•             Business IT support

•             Cloud solutions

•             Voice solutions

•             Cyber security

•             Networking services

•             Servers & PC solutions

•             Internet services

•             Data Cabling

•             Employee monitoring

•             Backup solutions

•             Anti-Virus solutions

We are based on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border – it’s where we are from, live, and it’s also superbly placed with regards to the logistics of getting out and about to visit our many valued clients. We are less than 10 minutes’ drive from the M6, and have four international airports less than an hour away, with extensive rail connections due to our proximity to Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe stations. We have a number of major cities and town all within easy reach of us, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury, Chester etc…..

Whilst the world of business has changed hugely – especially how we meet and communicate – at Hobb, we use both modern-day technology and also what some see as an old ‘skool’ desire to get out there and meet clients and prospective clients, and for giving the Business IT support and help that they need, want, and deserve. Our base is absolutely perfect for doing just that.

We base what we do on our expertise, sector knowledge, and well over a century of combined experience in Business IT support and services. This helps us to forge successful, long-term relationships with our valued clients. Communication and collaboration are key to what we do. There’s no secret formula – knowledge and skill, hard work, combined with being very decent people to work alongside.

Contact us to find out more……

T: 01782 566888